After working with UpWord English for two years, I can confidently say that it's the best company I've worked with. The team is supportive and caring. If you ever feel you need any assistance, the team is always happy to help. If you have ideas or suggestions, the team is happy to hear them.  From the staff to the students, all aspects of the job are very fulfilling. Furthermore, the structure of the school year and payments, provides stability and flexibility. If you're looking to make an impact through your work, while also maintaining work-life balance, I recommend applying!

Former Teacher English Teacher 2021-2022

I really loved working at UpWord! This was my first teaching job and it was a great experience. Throughout my time at UpWord I was made to feel very valued. I was able to voice my ideas and opinions with support from my team and administrators. Throughout my time at UpWord I honed my skills as a teacher and found my voice as a professional. I’ll always be thankful for my time at UpWord! 

Marissa Carlos English Teacher 2016-2018

I thoroughly enjoyed my year with UpWord English and would definitely want to become part of the team again if I ever decide to come back to Prague. The administrators provide the support their teachers need, from simple things like classroom materials/equipment to dealing with challenging situations in class. Consistent feedback is also given which in turn helped me grow as a teacher and an educator. The students and parents I had were amazing, too! 

Rhodaline F. Escala English Teacher, 2017-18

A great part of teaching at UpWord were the small class sizes. This gave me the opportunity to get to know students individually, build positive relationships, and develop instruction tailored to students' unique needs. I also appreciated the focus on professional development at UpWord, which allowed me to grow professionally as an educator. Teachers were encouraged to participate in or to lead weekly professional development meetings and share best practices that we could then bring into the classroom--there's nothing like being able to share your knowledge from your teaching practice while also learning from your peers. Lastly, I appreciated that the team at UpWord sought our input as teachers on curriculum development, classroom instruction, and on the logistical aspects of working together as a team. Our ideas were respected and valued, making us feel an integral part of the team. At UpWord, I was continually challenged as an educator while also getting to live in and to explore one of the most beautiful cities in the world--a great experience.

Former Teacher English Teacher 2016-2017