At schools where UpWord English operates, children have the opportunity to study with native speakers in this language from pre-school to the 9th grade. And not only during English lessons. From a foreign language, it gradually becomes a tool for studying other subjects (the CLIL concept - pupils build the ability of the so-called academic language). English courses are taught in an interactive way (the native speaker cooperates with a Czech teacher during the lesson).

In schools with UpWord English, the children go from complete beginners to a B1 or B2 level of English according to CEFR. As advanced learners of English, the children will be able to successfully pass Cambridge examinations for PET for Schools or FCE. They also have the opportunity to study at an international high school in our country or in some of the English-speaking countries.

Teaching English with native speakers brings other great bonuses to the school and to the children. For example, regular contacts with children in English-speaking countries.

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