The number of hours taught varies at each school and at each grade. Usually the range of hours per week is around 4 to 5. It can be more – depending on the agreement with the school.

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1. a 2. třídarodilý mluvčí rodilý mluvčí + asistentA1
3. třídarodilý mluvčí rodilý mluvčí + asistentA2
4. třídarodilý mluvčírodilý mluvčí + asistentA2 / B1
5. až 9. třídarodilý mluvčíB1 / B2 / C1

UpWord English is a private program led by Rivenhill, Ltd. It is based on the so-called unprecedented, communicative language teaching method and Universal Design for Learning – an individual approach to the needs of each child. Children are taught from the first grade to learn to take responsibility for their progress in studying. Children are divided into groups of 7 to 13 children.

All of our teachers are native speakers. We prefer teachers with pedagogical education and experience with pre-school and school-age children. Every candidate undergoes a demanding admission procedure. Prior to the beginning of the school year, native speakers have completed a two-week training program and throughout the year they have complex methodical and other professional support.

From 1st to 3rd grade, Czech assistants with English at a very good level and previous experiences with work with children are available in the classroom. They provide support to the native speakers, but they do not work in class as interpreters. They are well trained and know when and how to use the mother tongue if at all. Thanks to the assistants, there is a close contact with the class teacher, thus enabling mutual cooperation. The assistants like the native speakers also undergo various methodological training at the beginning and during the school year.

All of our teachers’ culture, national traditions, and customs, as well as a specific approach to education, along with their teaching and learning processes, apart from their professional and linguistic knowledge and skills. Students thus recognize the customs and traditions of another country, learn to draw from and enrich their own lives and culture and appreciate cultural differences.