Young Learners English Tests (YLE)

Internationally recognized YLE examsare held annually in cooperation with the organization British Council. British Council is one of the centers for conducting these tests in the Czech Republic.
The tests are organized by syndicate Cambridge ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), which is part of the British University of Cambridge and is connected to the so-called Common European Framework of Reference for Languages – CEFR*.

YLE tests are designed for children between the ages of 7 and 12 represent the ideal introduction of younger and older students to the world of Cambridge exams, in particular by positively motivating them to further study English. Tests are designed to be fun and less stressful for children.

A great advantage – given the fact that the exam is written by the children – is where the tests take place: their school. This is a place that is well known to the students, therefore eliminating the stress of the environment.

Another advantage is the flexibility in terms of test dates. These are not fixed, they are determined by the school itself in agreement with the center. The oral part of the exam is evaluated on the spot. The other parts are evaluated by the Cambridge syndicate where the tests are being sent.

Tests are available in three different levels:

Starters (level pre-A1)
The basic level of exams for 7-year-olds who have completed approximately 100 hours of English studies, have acquired language skills, and have have learned practical language skills.
Parts of the test: reading and writing (20 minutes), listening (around 20 minutes), speaking (5 minutes)

Movers (úlevel A1)
The second level is suitable for children between 8 and 11 years of age, who have about 175 hours of language learning. It is expected that the children will have a broader vocabulary, the ability to work with short texts, supplemented by illustrations, searching for and classifying information, and the ability to make basic conversation.
Parts of the test: reading and writing (30 minutes), listening (around 25 minutes), speaking (7 minutes)

Flyers (úroveň A2)
The third and most demanding test was designed for children between the ages of 9 and 12. It is comparable to the Cambridge Key English Test (KET) and is the first step towards a major set of internationally recognized Cambridge Exams for Teens and Adults.
The format of the test is the same as Starters or Movers, but the images are replaced by definitions, and overall language readiness is generally expected. Successful graduates are able to work independently with texts, search for and supplement information without direct visual support, write short and simple notes, and help with rewriting a short story.
Parts of the test: reading and writing (40 minutes), listening (around 20 minutes), speaking (9 minutes)

The advantage is that you can’t “fail” the test. Every child attending the YLE exam will receive a certificate issued by the Cambridge ESOL syndicate. The certificate shall indicate success in each part of the test separately, by means of characters (coats of arms) on a scale of 1-5; it is possible to obtain a maximum of 5 coats from each part of the test. The certificate thus shows not only the students strengths, but also points to areas with the greatest need for improvement.

*) CEFR – The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages is a Council of Europe document that allows for the comparison of the language levels of students in different countries and in different education systems. It defines six levels to compare different exams, textbooks, courses, and so on.

Test results at our school in 2014

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