WIP – Work In Progress

What is a WIP?

WIP aka Work In Progress, is a document that explains in detail what students will be working on in the next week or two of their English lessons.  

What are the tasks in WIP?

WIP includes the work the group is doing together at school and individual assignments for individual people.

In the lower years we focus on tasks that focus on the students listening capabilities as well as their verbal speech. In the other grades WIP includes tasks from all language areas: reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, listening and speech.  

What information does the WIP include?

WIP may contain the following information (varies by year):  

  • The date by which the WIP should be turned in, as well as the dates to complete each task
  • Test and/or quiz dates
  • Instructions for the preparation of assigned tasks
  • Where the student starts working on each task and where to finish it (ve škole nebo doma)
  • A clear indication of how many points a student can get for each task and how much the student actually earns
  • Student self-evaluation
  • Feedback from teachers aboutstudents work and behavior
  • The scale (in percent) we use to calculate grades for students work with WIP.
  • The grade that the student earned for their WIP work (1-5)
  • Quarterly outputs, that the work of each WIP focuses on

Other information

In grades three to nine, the study is divided as follows:

  1. 1st quarter → WIP 1 to 4    2nd  quarter → WIP 5 to 8    3rd quarter → WIP 9 to 12    4th  quarter → WIP 13 to 16

Thw WIP work accounts for 80% of the 1st semester and 2nd semester grade.  

The remaining 20% of the students grade depends on the results of the biannual and quarterly tests.  

Students receive Interim Evaluations every quarter (Progress Report), which summarizes the results of all existing WIPS’s, including their ratings and other test scores or projects.