WIP – Work In Progress

What is a WIP?

The WIP, or Work In Progress, is a 1 or 2 page document with a detailed explanation of what students will be doing for a 1 – 2 week period in English class.  

What kind of assignments are on the WIP?

The WIP includes the work the class is doing together as well as individualized assignments for students.

In the early grades, focus is given to listening & speaking assignments.  

In the middle and later grades, all the language areas are included; reading, writing, grammar, word work, speaking, and listening.  

What information is on the WIP?

Features of the WIP include some or all of the following (depending on the grade):  

  • due date of the WIP and each individual assignment
  • dates of tests/quizzes
  • instructions for assignments
  • where work is to be started/completed (at home, at school)
  • a clear breakdown of points the student could and did earn on each assignment
  • student self-evaluation
  • feedback from teachers on student work and behaviour
  • the percentage scale used to calculate the mark earned by the student for the WIP
  • the mark earned by the student for the WIP (1-5)
  • quarterly focus standards

Other information

In 3rd – 9th grades the work for the year can be divided as follows:

Quarter 1 → WIPs 1-4    Quarter 2 → WIPs 5-8    Quarter 3 → WIPs 9-12   Quarter 4 → WIPs 13-16

The WIPs are 80% of the semester mark for the student’s certificate (vysvědčení).  

Semester/quarterly tests make up the final 20% of the semester mark.  

A Progress Report is sent home each quarter showing all the WIP marks earned plus any tests or project marks earned.